Sunday, September 14, 2008

new descovery

I can fit in the guinea pig cage!

it is lage enoff, so we took the picture above. I also figured out that if you cover Duchess with hay, she dose not care, wale if you cover Lilly with hay, she gets freaked out and runs away. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Duchess Goes to the Vet

As we were driving home from church on Sunday, Kara called us with some disturbing news. Duchess was all curled up sideways, and she couldn't straighten out, and she wasn't walking well. The fear was she might have had a stroke.

And of course, these kind of things always have to happen on Sunday. Fortunately, we were able to get a referral to Ridglea West Animal Hospital, which specializes in exotic pets. I would have never considered a guinea pig to be "exotic," but there you go.

The vet, who's home and cell number were on the after hours answering machine, said based on the symptoms he thought Duchess had an ear infection. This messed up her balance, and caused her to basically run in circles instead of a straight line.

We fed her some parsley, which I guess has quite a bit of vitamin C, and then the next day Duchie and I made a trip to the vet.

Long story short, she's on antibiotics, doing great, walking almost straight, and back to running away from us when we try to pick her up.

All for less than $150. Waah!

Monday, September 1, 2008

poem for school

I had to re-write a paper for school, and my parents said I should post it on my blog. so here it is!

Things you need to know

Play some, learn some, love some.

Stay beside a friend around the clock.

Hold some one you love in your arms at least once a day.

Help each other out when the going gets tough.

Speak up, and some one will hear you.

Remember that you are never alone.

Listen close, and you will hear what others are telling you.

Be unique.

Be yourself.

Anna Carey