Monday, October 13, 2008


I know that I have let you down. things have been very busy with school and all, but today I had some spare time.

My Halloween costume:

I can't rotate the picture, but you can still see it!

The guinea pigs and I are having a blast. here are some of their newly discovered toys!

Lilly has found that she likes my fanny pack

And both Duchess and Lilly LOVE the barn

Scrolling through my camera I found that Alyssa had taken some pictures. I named this one (with the help of my mom) "What the guinea pig sees!"

That is all I have time for.
Uploading images takes a lot of time!

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Josi said...

Kara--Don's Kara, right? Welcome to blog world (I mean, you might have been here awhile but I just found you :-)