Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another purfict misstep.

My dad and I were out doing some arenas, when I talked him in to letting me stop to look at Petco for approximately 10 minuets. we walked through the dores, and there was a lady, getting ready to donate four 6 week old guinea pigs to petco. we start Talking, and what it comes down to is that she will hold the two girls for us until we get back from Washington (2 weeks from today) they are ADORABLE! one has 2 black spots on her knows, and a few others on her body:

and the secant one has brown between two black spots on her knows, and her body is all white. while I was holding that one and my dad was holding the other girl, they both started "wheping"(that is a sound guinea pigs sometimes make) and then they pooped on us! "synchronised Pooping!" my dad said. well, where was one good side to that. one way you can tell if a guinea pig is healthy is if their poo is firm but still moist and in a good pellet shape. and it was! (no diyorea) I am hopping I can talk my mom into letting me have both. (guinea pigs are very social animals) and since they where born in the same litter, they are more likely to like each other. also, the lady said she had a cage we could have if we wanted. wow! how much luck do we have, any way! (Free cage, Free guinea pigs!)


Noreen and Allen said...

That's way cool Anna! Keep us posted on what happens when you get back from your trip.

Tristi Pinkston said...

How awesome! My daughter really wants a pet rat, and I told her she could have one if she kept her room clean for two months. I was kind of hoping she wouldn't be successful, but she's doing a great job. I guess we're getting a rat in about five weeks! I think your pigs are cuter!