Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hello! My name is Anna. I love guinea pigs, Dolphins, the ocean, Kittens, My cat Tuckie, the computer, the Internet, and my Nentendo DS. I will be 11 in september, and I HATE empteing the dishwasher! ;) I spend most of my day infront of the computer waching videows, resurching, or just playing.


Noreen and Allen said...

Hello Anna!
It is great to see that you have a blog. I'm excited to keep current on your life. So... tell me about Guinea Pigs.
Auntie Reen

Nicole said...

Welcome to blogging, Anna! I will be 40 in October and I hate emptying the dishwasher too.

(You don't know me, but I've known your Dad since we were probably your age.)